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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  February 9, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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i was livid. i was so angry. i fought tooth and nail to get my kid into this school and now they're gonna shut it down. >> parents at one conference feel they have been betrayed by their school district that put their school under the budget ax with no warning. >> the surprising word came out of a heateds meeting of the school district last night. the board voted to shut down glenbrook middle and holebrook elementary. that was expected but a third school may i still have to be closed and until today they had no clue they were in danger along with silverwood. live at westwood elementary with details. >> kristen, they're talking about closing westwood to help
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ease the pain of closing another. the problem with this process is it pits community members against each other as they all fight for their schools. >> we need to talk to the board. we need to he see -- >> the stategizing has already started in concord. nervous and upset parents are trying to figure out how to keep their school open. many found out this morning this school may be shut down. >> i was livid. i was so angry. i fought tooth and nail to get my kid into this school and now they're going to shut it down. >> her daughter was see upset she decided to artfully express herself before she headed to school. >> trying to save the school. and they'll realize it's not a good school to close down. >> as of last night seven schools were on the list for possible foreclosure. westwood was not one of them. the parents were so confident,
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they were helping plans to help the other schools. >> we could have desks put in to receive kids for our school. but at last night's school board meeting gary ever heart came up with the idea of closing westwood to ease the pain at glenbrook middle school. the board voted to close glenbrook. that campus was very somber this morning. >> the kids have been rallying really, really hard to make sure they didn't close our school. this came as a shock when i heard it on the news. i'm saying, oh, no, what are regonna do! >> the idea is move the sixthed to -- the cost would be too great. >> when i saw my daughter she broke out in tears. her teacher's in tears. i'm a little worried. >> the idea is it would cause pain for these kids but keep the glenbrook kids all together and there are more children there than they are here. the plan is to discuss this idea
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in two weeks. it's just a discussion. they do not plan to make a decision that soon. live in concord. >> governor jerry brown has just announced he is dropping a proposal to sell 24 state government buildings to help close california's malls sieve budget deficit. the state had been in negotiations to sell those properties for $2.3 billion under a proposal by the former governor arnold schwarzenegger. the state would have been leasing many of those buildings back at a cost of $5 billion over 20 years according to one report. governor brown said that deal just didn't make any sense. >> it didn't make much sense because it in effect is a gigantic loan with interest payments equal to over 10% every year. and what wee've done is found a alteternative wherebyby we acct can save a considerable amount of money. >> govovernor brown says his alalternatatativive plan n will
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state $$6 billion ovver 300 yea byby borrowining and taking mon from medi-cacal and a a stataten coconstruction fundnd. the statate controllerr release statement reacting to brown's plan saying it shows "governor brown is serious about ending the budget gimmicks and side shows." say man accused of beating his former priest is in court for a preliminary hearing. william lynch says he wants to use the case to shame father ger lindner. he said the priest molested him and other children for decades. father lindner denies those claims but in 1998 the jesuit order settled with lynch and his brother for $625,000. friends of lynch showed their support for him outside court this morning. >> bart is inviting the media to see some of the profound changes underway in its police officer training. this from the wake of the shooting death of unarmed passenger oscar grant in 2009 by
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former bart officers johannes mehserle. >> bart police and administrators are taking training at the building here on 12th street near oak and they are getting cops training. that's problem solving and that's all a result of the oscar grant shooting. take a look at the session going on inside right now. you have the employees learning to be more community oriented and proactive. cops is a program promoting police to identify small problems so they don't become big problems and bart police do need the community's help. it has 50 officers on duty during a 24 hour period and 250,000 riders per day. the program is already being implemented. >> we were having problems with people having their i-phones snatched while riding the trains. and so we were -- our internal
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department with a book mark that our officers are handing out that point out you need to be aware of your surroundings. and we're learning that we all have an individual responsibility to help make bart better and our riders also have a responsibility as well. clean up after yourself. those people jumping the fare gates. if we do our part, bart can be a better place. >> think of it as it takes a village. an independent consultant recommends cops training after officer grant was shot and killed by johannes mehserle, he was unarmed and face down at the time of the shooting. it prompted similar experiences in oakland, convicted of involuntary manslaughter. improve relationships not only with riders but the community in general. that community could use the mending. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. alameda county prosecutors have
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decided not to file charges against two oakland police officers that killed a son and last year. derrick jones was shot and killed december 8th. police were responding to a domestic dispute call. he repeatedly reached into his waistband. it turned out he was reaching for of a small silver scale. >> the mayor in oakland taking a 25% pay cut. giving back $46,000 in salary. that will reduce her annual pay to $137,000 a year. quan says with oakland facing a $40 million deficit and more painful layoffs and furloughs ahead, she wants to lead by example. quan is not the first mayor to take a pay cut. governor jerry brown kept his salary at $115,000 when he was oakland's mayor. >> u.c. berkeley may be forced to reverse its plans to cut several of its women's athlete teams because of a federal law.
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they voted to drop the women's lacrosse and gymnastic teams in an effort to balance its budget. that group was out of compliance with the federal gender and quality law known as title 9. officials are considering several options ranging from reinstating all sports including several that are men's sports to scrapping all sports. a formal announcement is expected tomorrow. >> some very encouraging news today about the wounded congress woman gabrielle giffords. she spoke for the first time in the past few days. a smokesman for she asked for toast one morning and that she's speaking more and more. she was shot in the head at a political event in tucson a month ago. six were killed and 13 injured. >> drinking diet soda may cut down on
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the anti-government demonstrations in egypt are spreading outside cairo and gaining new supporters. hundreds o thousands marched today. protestors are 2r5trying to increase the pressure.
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the vice president warned if the demonstrators do not enter negotiations a coup could take place. >> some people can understand now as we reject the monologue. >> pro-democracy activists are planning a protest for friday. powerful labor unions in the support for their effort. >> the city of berkeley may be ready to help the obama administration with one of its thorniest problems. the city council will vote next week on a resolution to invite two detainees from quantanamo bay to move to town. one is a russian ballet dancer. the other is a famous algerian chef. both have been cleared of wrong-doing. they will live with local families and nonprofits will help them find work. critics say a new federal law discourages these offers plus berkeley has enough troubles
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already. >> this year marks the 100th year of california women gaining the right to vote. the long battle for women's suffrage is depicted in exhibition on display at san jose state university at the martin luther king jr. library there. the president of the san francisco league of women voters says it was sometimes a painful fight as depicted in the movie iron jaw angels. >> women were arrested in front of the white house during the administration. >> california was the sixth state to give women the right to vote in 1911 but it took congress until 1920 to pass the 19th amendment to give women across the country the right to vote. the league of women voters will hold celebration. hope you'll join me there. you can log on to our website and click on "see it on tv" for more information. >> a college baseball coach has made the ultimate sacrifice play and he calls it a no-brainer.
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wake forest coach tom walter and one of its players kevin jordan are both recovering this morning after major surgery. walter donated a kidney to his freshman outfielder. he has been undergoing dialysis 20 hours a day all the while attending school. none of his family members were a donation match but his coach was and stepped up to the plate. jordan calls it divine intervention. he just wants his player to lead a normal life. >> generous gift. meteorologist mike nicco with his forecast. >> show you what it looks like as we come up on 11:15. plenty of sunshine. notice it isn't nearly as breezy as yesterday and colder nights on the way and taking the rain out of the forecast but it may dampen your valentine's. >> girls with dangerous eating disorders. 
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consumer news. tens of thousands of hoover wind tunnel canister vacuums are recalled because of fire and shock hazards. the power nozzle and the wand connector can short circuit. officials say that can happen even if the vacuum has been turned off but left plugged in. the vacuum was sold between march 2003 to december 2008. there has been one report of a minor injury. to get a free repair go to under "see it on tv.." >> mike nicco in now. looks gorgeous outside. >> and feels better. sutro tower looking up toward point reyes. no bouncing of the camera. lots of sunshine and temperatures that are running pretty close to what we dealt with yesterday. in fact, a 24 hour temperature change shows we're anywhere from 3 degrees warmer in santa rosa
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to 3 degrees cooler in antioch. this is after we started up to 15 degrees cooler this morning. let's take a look at those temperatures in case you are leaving right now. you can see we're all in the mid to upper 50s. around the monterey bay, mid to upper 50s inland to 61 monterey. so sunshine, seasonal temperatures and much calmer conditions today. with the dry air in place and no wind tonight it's going to be even colder around our neighborhoods and in our valleys. the frost is possible. in a wet pattern i've taken it out of the weekend but it starts monday valentine's day and could remain all of next week. 1 degree warmer in fremont, san jose, concord, oakland, santa rosa about the same. one degree cooler in san francisco. the sun sets 5:42. the east bay valleys, brentwood could be the cool spot. everybody else the low to mid-60s. low to mid-60s up and down the east bay shore. south into the south bay, low to mid-60s here. sunnyvale 61.
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peninsula, start 6 degrees los altos as we head into the south bay. temperatures upper 50s once again. near 60 downtown south san francisco. sausalito through the north bay beaches mid to upper 50s with low to mid-60s in your valleys and monterey bay and inland low to mid-60s with a whole lot of sunshine. tonight see how much cooler. oakland, richmond, san francisco 60s. look at the clouds. no snow falling out of these clouds but well to the north. notice the jet stream way up there and diving from the arctic circle into the eastern two-thirds of the country. for us high pressure, the dry air means cold nights and mild days. let's take a look at that ac-weather 7-day forecast. it will be kind of chilly every morning through saturday morning with this dry air and the sunshine warms up nicely. low 60s around the coast.
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mid to upper 60s the bay and inland. winds come off the ocean sunday, a chance of rain monday but a better chance on tuesday. >> all right. mike, you say that with a big grin. breaking news? >> breaking news along the peninsula. the crystal springs off-ramp and southbound 280 is closed right now and with two lanes in the area as well as firefighters battle a small fire, several small fires in fact over there in that crystal springs area. there's a resevoir and as you know 280 in the hillsboro area. that's where it is. crews are battling four different brush fires and they believe all four were started accidently by sparks from a passing car. the lane expected to remain closed for the next hour and a half. moving on now, football fans have filed a lawsuit over feeding problems at the super bowl. the suit accused the nfl, the dallas cowboys and jerry jones
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as deceiving hundreds of fans that bought tickets but never got to see the game. fraud and deceptive sales practices. on sunday the fans were told an entire section of the stadium's added temporary seats were unsafe and could not be used. nfl apologized and offered hundreds of affected fans refunds, merchandise, airfare and tickets to the next super bowl of their choice. >> refuting the results of its new study that has social net working with dangerous eating habits. the more time teen girls spent on, the higher their chances of developing anorexia and bulimia. the study says girls that spend a lot of time fates booking have a negative self-image and tend to crash diet. this is linked between watching tv and eating disorders. parents need to monitor their
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girls' internet habits. people who drink a diet soda each day may boost their risk of stroke. they were compared to those who drink no soda. researchers say they don't know why diet soda would cause the increased risk. previous research has shown people who drink more than one soft drink day have a cluster of other high risk factors. the research is presented at the international stroke conference in los angeles. >> also in los angeles this morning, prosecutors formally charged actress lindsay lohan with felony grand theft. the mean girls star will face the judge this afternoon. she's accused of stealing a $25,000 necklace from an upscale jewelry store in venice weeks after being released from rehab. she's already on probation for a 2007 drinken driving case. but this is the first time lohan faces a felony.
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she has denied stealing that necklace. >> the basic living skills these baby pandas are learni
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. >> today on oprah at 4:00, erica cane, luke and laura and more. then on abc 7 news at 5:00, an outcry heard around the world. 8th graders were asked to write an essay about sexual fantasies
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and experiences. and for all of you stargazers, today is the day the pebble beach pro-am. our cameras are there. >> china seven baby pandas are learning basic living skills at a nursery school. the first class is to learn suckling. researchers at the panda breeding says if they have a milk bottle, they need to practice more. >> but if they choose the bowl, well, the baby has learned how to eat from their mothers. next they learn how to eat bamboo, apples and steamed bread. we're trying to figure out how much steamed bread there is out there in nature. >> and how to use chop sticks. that's very advanced. >> all right. mike, any thoughts on that? >> no. i didn't do that with my kids, no. >> okay. >> sounds good. enjoy this beautiful day out
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